Thursday, February 9, 2017

Earning a GED Offers Several Benefits to Quality of Life


Based out of Alpharetta, Georgia, AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc., has specialized in providing adoption services to area families for more than 20 years. In addition to uniting children with adoptive families, AAA Partners in Adoption, Inc., also helps mothers improve their lives by providing assistance in GED testing.

For mothers who don’t have a high-school diploma, research overwhelmingly indicates that getting a GED leads to better life outcomes. Here are two ways that the GED can help individuals craft a better future for themselves.

Data gathered as recently as 2012 shows that those with a GED have a greater earning potential than those without one. The average hourly wage for the GED earner is more than $2 per hour higher, which translates to more than $4,000 in additional annual income for those who work a full-time, 40-hour-per-week job.

For those who want to pursue higher education, a GED is essential. In the absence of a high school diploma, passing the GED exam demonstrates to colleges that an individual possesses the needed high-school skills required for admission. While most schools also have other admission requirements, including achievement tests such as the ACT or the SAT, possessing a GED is essential, not optional, if you don’t have a diploma.

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